way of seaing
Berlin, Germany

︎︎︎ part of Light clarity avocado salad in the morning
group exhibition
curated by Horațiu Lipot
Jecza Gallery
Timisoara, Romania
“The mind mirror illumines all ingenuously. Its penetrating, limitless rays reach everywhere in the universe. Without exception, everything is reflected in this mirror. The whole universe is a gem of light beyond the terms of in and out.”
Yoka Daishi (7th cent. CE.)

Life begins anew each day. I am born again today. I’m different from yesterday. I see the sun coming to life. I see it from the car. I’m 7 and my mother drives me to school. I look out the window and see the fresh new sun, the bright light, the white clouds moving around on the big blue sky. I face the sun and my eyes feed on light. My skin feeds on warmth. I drink in the sunshine. I close my eyes and feel the red sun inside my eyelids, inside my blood. I’m full of light inside my body. I open my eyes and see the sun in everything, in every glass or screen, in every water drop, in every me and every you. (excerpt)

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200x240mm, 44 pages
edition of 30, hand-numbered
self published in Berlin, Germany, 2021