4 y
Berlin, Germany
2018 - 2022

4 years ago this week I moved
from barcelona to berlin
and to the whole world

I had a great journey
found the darkest corners of my being
went there
start cleaning
opened the windows
now the sun is slooowwly coming inside

my mind is filling with love and joy
my wrists broke a lil bit in the process
my eyes opened much wider
more light and space came in
my body finally floated on the water

peace instead of pleasure
poop pralines

I just had a 4 years ritual
with diane playing saxophone
leo a tibetan singing bowl

so grateful to be here now
for now


︎ coming soon

eighteen months
Berlin, Germany
2020 - 2022

about intimacy
Berlin, Germany

Intimacy happens between me and everything I do, or receive, or know, or meet. It happens in the space between things, in the intervals between blocks. It is in the cracks and it is the fence with holes through which the light enters. Intimacy is my connection with the world. It is any wire, cable, pipe, or hose, that connects us. It is the space between you and me, the time that both separates and unites us, ages us, and brings us happiness and suffering. Letting intimacy in means becoming one with the other one. It means to arrive that close to the other one, that there is no more separation between you two. It’s when the wire becomes invisible. And the pipe transparent. And the fence doesn’t have anything more to protect or separate, it only lets the light through its tiny holes. Intimacy is see-through, honesty, light, and gentleness.