Raisa Hagiu
born 1993
Galati, Romania

︎︎︎ Photography and Video, University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania
︎︎︎ École Supérieure des Beaux Arts D'Angers, France

︎︎︎ previously lived and worked in Barcelona, Spain
now based in Berlin, Germany
︎ enthusiastic human being working with photography, focusing on perception, intimacy, and the transience of all things. 

At the age of 9, after I photographed the sun reflecting in the water for the first time, I told my family that this is what I’ll do my entire life. Since then, my practice has been dedicated to perception, to how things exist, how they come into being, and how they appear to us. I find it so fascinating how clear and straightforward photography shows me my mind. It counts as meditation, as it involves all my attention, intention and concentration. Photography brings the mind, the senses, and the world in the same point, it aligns everything. It involves attention and stillness, and it focuses on the nature of things, their essence, transience and interconnectedness. Slowly, it dissolves the lines between the subject and the object, allowing me to go deeper into my empirical investigation of intimacy and the mind.